Track the Player

Tracking a player during a game, to evaluate the performance of the player

  • Team Name + Members: MrC0mm0n + Mohammed Rawoof

  • Name and # of all device(s) being used: One Kiwi (Google Tab), One Samsung Watch

  • A/V requirements: PC(HDMI), Kiwi(on Google Tab) connected to AirCard-5AEA(Wifi), Samsung Watch, Web browser

  • Problem being solved: This application will help a coach analyze the performance of his/her players.

Currently, coaches watch recorded video matches and determine how to change his/her coaching tactics/techniques to deliver a better game play by the team. This application shall record a players movements during a game and store them for future reference.

  • Brief description of your idea:
  1. A player's gear would be embedded with sensors that are typical to kiwi/freescale sensors. The sensors would send live data to a web application(cloud). This data would probably be stored in a database for retrieval and evaluation in the future.

  2. This information will help not only coaches, but also advertisers and others to enhance the game experience for viewers.

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