Action Fitness

Car racing on a wearable while doing pull ups

We are working on a new kind of fitness that is based on integral kinematics. Rather than considering distance, velocity or acceleration we consider absement ( distance * time) to be the measure of physical strength and motor control.

Action Fitness provides you with strength and endurance , dexterity and precision as fine motor control. It provides concentration, focus and meditation all of these at the same time.

We are making a simple car racing game to be used while doing L-sits on a fitness ring. We use meta space glasses to visualize the game, myo wrist band to calculate the movement while doing the pull ups and push ups and muse to measure improvement in your motor control after using the game.

Number of Devices used: 2 (Myo and Muse) A/V device Requirement: We will use a mac to display the presentation. We won't be using any mobile device.

Team Member: Nitin Guleria David Cheong Abhinav Rajaseshan Pranit Wadkar

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