We are creating a new experience where you can read sports' news using VR and LeapMotion

Team Name + Members: Interactive Channel for Sports (ICSports) Eduardo Domene Jr, Jordan Boaz, and Wilton Pelicari

Name and # of all device(s) being used: 1 Oculus Rift, 1 Leap Motion

Problem being solved: Virtual Reality lacks a platform that allows its users to view and interact with sports' news content.

Brief description of your idea: We are creating a Virtual Reality experience that allows people to visualize sports' news content, and interact in a intuitive way with the application. The virtual environment is designed in a way that the users can feel comfortable and can be updated about the latest news in sports.

A/V requirements (this is to help us facilitate the pitch process): We are using a laptop (windows) with HDMI/VGA Output. We will be running the application with the Oculus Rift, which also requires an HDMI output. Because both the projector and the Oculus Rift uses an HDMI output, I'm afraid only one output can be connected. No mobile devices will be used.

Motivation: We are experiencing a new transition right now: a transition from the real world to the virtual world. We can notice the impact of virtual reality devices such as the Oculus Rift in the way we see the future. However, we still don't have a good way of visualizing news content in VR. Actually, we don't have anything like that yet. That's our motivation. We want to create the virtual magazine of the future. Furthermore, we want an intuitive and interactive experience, so you can use your bare hands, instead of a keyboard or joystick. To complete this task, we are going to use the Oculus Rift (for the visuals) and the Leap Motion (for the interaction). We think this is an important step towards the future.

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