Team Raisins - Player Tracking System

Cheap and accurate player in-field tracking for coaches.

Team Raisins - Members

  • Higor Silva
  • Rafael Melo
  • Felipe Santos
  • Nelson Nauata
  • Kevin Zhu

Gear used

  • Moto 360
  • iBeacons

A/V requirements and devices

  • PC (to show webapp)
  • Moto 360
  • 3 iBeacons


The inspiration for this project came basically from soccer. In Brazil, the place considered the country of soccer, many minor teams don't have high-end technology that can help with their tactics and team in-game management. Putting Kiwi and iBeacons together came up as a cheap and cool solution for this problem.

The current heat maps for sports are only available through expensive filming gear and heavy video processing to track pixels changes so a heat map can be generated. The Player Tracking System is a more affordable and user-friendly solution.

How it works

By attaching a Kiwi to the player - and this should not be limited to a soccer player, but for basically any sport played at a field/gym -, the position of the player will be sent to beacons spread around the field's edges, which will receive this data and store them into a database for further analysis. The stored data will be used to create a heat map that can be used by the coach to suggest in-game positioning corrections and improvements in game tactics such as suggesting more offensive or defensive positioning to the players.

Key features

The system is a cheap and more precise solution for tracking the player positioning through the game. It provides a simple UI that can be simply understood by anyone.

What's next for Player Tracking System

The Player Tracking System will be able to provide even more data in the future. Stats about the athlete during the whole game (such as time spent at areas of the field, cardiac frequency and others) . The Player Tracking System can become a powerful coaching platform for the most popular sports in the world, and will be able to be used from informal/regional competitions and Physical Education teachers, to Olympic and high-performance.

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