Beacon Tag

The lazier way to tag

The wearables that we will be using include 3+ Onyx Beacons and 2 Long MeUs. We will also need presentation space for a Powerpoint on a PC Laptop.

Not all of our team members were able to be submitted into Challenge Post. Our team is the Cartesian Cartel we are made up of 4 members: Zihao Zhang, Yves Li, Ben Zhang, and David Zhao.

Accessibility has always been the primary roadblock into the sports scene. Whether it be the difficult locations of skiing or the expensive equipment of hockey, it can be very difficult for many people to invest enough to enjoy these activities. The same can be said for non-conventional sports, namely laser tag. Laser tag is an immensely difficult sport to regularly enjoy due to its many accessibility problems. It is both extremely costly, extremely limited in location, and difficult to play on your own terms (i.e. with a few friends in a small party). Its counterpart, paintball, shares the same woes. Despite these grave shortcomings however, both laser tag and paintball enjoy a large following and thriving fan base. This begs the question, what are the market implications of a local, readily available laser tag game?

Our team is filled with avid laser tag players who have been long fed up with the difficulties of enjoying a favorite pastime. Our inspiration and motivation for our project originate from our passion of the game. We want to provide everyone with the chance to play laser tag, whenever, wherever, with whoever, straight from their smartphones with a low entry cost. Due to the nature of the game, our target users range from teenagers to young adults who are active, or want to be active in playing a non-traditional sport in a modern fashion. Of course, while the majority of our focus would be dedicated to this demographic, our focus doesn't stop there. Laser tag is an attractive game to both young children and the elderly due to its ease of customization, similarities to video games, and thrilling nature that is unparalleled by more traditional sports.

Some of the features that we are the most proud of include our Onyx beacon location triangulation, angular motion detection using everyday smartphones, and packaging into a user friendly and visually pleasing application. What really distinguishes our product from anything else on the market is its low cost and ease of accessibility. By pairing the now, practically ubiquitous smartphone with the cheap Onyx beacons and optional MeU, playing laser tag with a group of friends is easier than ever. What's more is that we've removed all of the clunky, obsolete hardware and equipment, streamlining the game so that players can focus on just that, the game.

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