Improve your team's braingame

I'm an athlete for Ryerson so I'm no stranger to bumps on the head. I'm also no stranger to the pressure to compete. Sometimes the decision to sit out is at odds with the pressure to bring home the big trophy for the team and school. And sometimes, you nor your coaches know how serious an injury is until far later.

That's why I came up with IMPACT. We attach a wireless IMU to a player's helmet to track injuries. It can tell us to get checked out when we don't think we're hurt.

That same sensor can be used for player tracking throughout the game. Where was everyone in the 30 seconds leading up to that goal? Or that goal scored on us? Now we know. IMPACT is as valuable a coaching tool as it is a guardian for our brains. Impact makes a stronger team pact.

Our target is any athlete that wears a helmet as part of their sport.

(We require an HDMI cable and Freescale board for our demo)

Team members:

Bryan Bonnici Soonfay Yee

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