Fight Camp Training System (F.C.T.S.)

Fight Smarter.

The inspiration for this application came from a personal interest and pursuit of martial arts. Having had the privilege of training in various parts of the world, seeing such variance within training techniques was thought provoking.

Currently there is not a complete system for a trainer to properly assess deficiencies in fighters training for mixed martial arts. In 2010 the Simmons Research Database released a report stating that mixed martial arts was the fastest growing sport in the world and has showed no signs of slowing down.

Fight Camp Training Systems (F.C.T.S.) combines the use of sensor technology and motion tracking algorithms to assist both trainers and athletes within the sport of mixed martial arts. We will be presenting a use case of our application using the Kiwi Sensor and our software on the Android platform. Our target user will be trainers and gyms who want to effectively track their athletes progress and allow them to evolve as quickly as possible.

In terms of presenting, we would appreciate having means to project to the main screen from an Android tablet in addition to having a Macbook on hand for supporting presentation material.

Team Name: Fight Camp Training Systems (FCTS) Mark Boucher Caleb Pedosiuk Ming Yan

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